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Hot Water Pressure Washing

There tends to be two types of pressure washers, hot and cold water. Both hot and cold pressure washers can be used for different jobs and each have their pros and cons, however, for very difficult cleaning tasks such as grimy and greasy surfaces, hot water pressure washing is the way to go. Cold water has its advantages, but it is not very effective at cleaning grimy surfaces where hot water will get the job done in a much more effective and efficient manner. Both options obviously have their pros and cons but in this article we will talk about some of the advantages of hot water pressure washing.
hot water pressure washing

Resoning Behind Hot Water Pressure Washing

Simply put, if you have ever tried washing basically anything with cold water you know that hot water most likely worked better to wash it off. Increasing the temperature of the water decreases the surface tension making it a better option for cleaning. The molecules at the surface of what you are cleaning will form a weaker bond making it easier for the water to seep into pores rather than bridging them. Not to mention, substances dissolve better in hot water. For example, if you have ever put sugar into hot tea you know that it mixes better than in cold tea. This means that hot water will be able to pull away substances’ molecules from other molecules.


Hot water pressure washing will kill more bacteria than cold water meaning that hot water pressure washing will be more useful in places where hygiene is important. Not only will the properties of hot water help you get the job done faster, but it can even disinfect the surface that is being cleaned.

Detergent Consumption

Sometimes when using cold water to pressure wash you have to use detergent. Hot water pressure washing will result in the reduction of detergent consumption which will, in turn, save you money in the long run. Detergent also has chemical additives, so being able to pressure wash you home without additives leads to an environmental protection contribution.

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Components of Residential Curb Appeal Enhancement Offered by Carlton Cleans, LLC

Curb Appeal Tips for your Residental Property

Interested in adding curb appeal to your residential property?  Adding curb appeal has never been easier.  Just follow our curb appeal tips below to increase the value of your property and leave your home looking great!

curb appeal tips

Roof Cleaning:

A low water pressure method of cleaning organic stains from the roof for increased curb appeal. This is especially valuable before listing the house for sale. In Montgomery County, MD it is common to see stains and streaks on the roof. In Silver Spring, for example, there are many wooded areas which in combination with warm wet weather mold, algae and fungus thrive. We provide a chemical cleaning with little run off to remove the organics. We also bag the downspouts and capture any runoff during the cleaning. However, this is minimized by our low-pressure application equipment which allows Carlton Cleans, LLC to apply the cleaning mix to the roof in low volume to kill the organics.

Adding Curb Appeal

Exterior House Wash:

Our exterior house washing service is an application of our house cleaning mix, dwell and rinse with hot water. We provide cleaning of siding, brick and composite siding; We do not use the pressure washer close to the surface of the house. We apply the hot water far enough from the house to “shower the surface” after the cleaning mix has pulled the dirt from the surface. The cleaning is performed by the cleaning mix and volume of water verses pressure. We provide an effective cleaning method without causing damage to the surface.

If you are having your house painted than a house wash is a must service for better paint adhesion and longevity. Many painting companies will offer a house wash service before painting. However, they often do not provide a quality service due to lack of experience and proper equipment. House washing is a necessary evil to the painting companies, and they rarely invest the necessary resources to the task.

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutters typically need to be cleaned inside and out to maintain good water flow and keep the typical white gutters from turning black. The black marks on the exterior of the gutters are from air pollution, tree dirt and roof runoff. The black marks are oxidized into the surface and can only be cleaned by hand with specific cleaners for the task because of oxidization layer has to be broken. The cleaners are strong, and ladders are needed to access the gutters. We do not recommend homeowners try to clean their own gutters.

adding curb appeal with clean sidewalk

Driveway and Sidewalks:

We offer a chemical low-pressure cleaning and high-pressure cleaning depending on the situation and state of the surface. Hot water is used in the cleaning.

Adding curb appeal has never been easier. If you are interested in any of our curb appeal tips, please contact us today!

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