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Hot Water Pressure Washing

There tends to be two types of pressure washers, hot and cold water. Both hot and cold pressure washers can be used for different jobs and each have their pros and cons, however, for very difficult cleaning tasks such as grimy and greasy surfaces, hot water pressure washing is the way to go. Cold water has its advantages, but it is not very effective at cleaning grimy surfaces where hot water will get the job done in a much more effective and efficient manner. Both options obviously have their pros and cons but in this article we will talk about some of the advantages of hot water pressure washing.
hot water pressure washing

Resoning Behind Hot Water Pressure Washing

Simply put, if you have ever tried washing basically anything with cold water you know that hot water most likely worked better to wash it off. Increasing the temperature of the water decreases the surface tension making it a better option for cleaning. The molecules at the surface of what you are cleaning will form a weaker bond making it easier for the water to seep into pores rather than bridging them. Not to mention, substances dissolve better in hot water. For example, if you have ever put sugar into hot tea you know that it mixes better than in cold tea. This means that hot water will be able to pull away substances’ molecules from other molecules.


Hot water pressure washing will kill more bacteria than cold water meaning that hot water pressure washing will be more useful in places where hygiene is important. Not only will the properties of hot water help you get the job done faster, but it can even disinfect the surface that is being cleaned.

Detergent Consumption

Sometimes when using cold water to pressure wash you have to use detergent. Hot water pressure washing will result in the reduction of detergent consumption which will, in turn, save you money in the long run. Detergent also has chemical additives, so being able to pressure wash you home without additives leads to an environmental protection contribution.

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5 Benefits of Low Pressure Washing

A huge mistake that is common within pressure washing is that using a high pressure is the most beneficial to get the job done. Some homeowners will also try to pressure wash their home themselves. Without the proper idea of how pressure washing works when comparing high and low pressure washers, you can cause a lot of unwanted damage to your home. High pressure washers have the risk of removing siding and paint of the house. When thinking about pressure washing your home, it is always the better option to use low pressure washers, but what are the benefits of low pressure washing? The 5 benefits of low pressure washing include energy savings, more protection from mold, better appearance, higher property value, and protection from high pressure damage.
benefits of low pressure washing

Benefits of Low Pressure Washing

1. Lowered Risk of Damage

The single most important benefit of low pressure washing is lowering the risk of causing damage to your home. Professionals at Carlton Cleans will be able to pressure wash your home with no damage to the siding, paint, or anywhere on your home. Low pressure washers give you much less of a risk that high pressure washers give you when it comes to taking siding right off of your home.

2. More Protection From Mold

When your home is exposed to certain elements all year, you have the possibility of mold and mildew buildup in the house siding. One of the benefits low pressure washing is that it can get mold out of small places without causing any damage which in turn, will increase the lifespan of your home.

3. Appearance

The very simple fact is that when you choose to pressure wash your home with a low pressure washer you will clean off the exterior of your home with no damage with makes the appearance better. With a high pressure washer, you might clean the home but damage could affect the appearance of the exterior.

4. Energy Savings

It might not be drastic, but low pressure washers will save you money on your energy bills. When homes buildup mold and mildew, your home becomes perceptible to the darkened surfaces that attract more sunlight causing the surface to heat up.

5. Property Value

Similarly to what we talked about with your home having a more pleasing appearance, if your house has a better appearance then more people will be willing to buy your home which in turn, can mean an increase in property value.

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5 Outdoor Spring Cleaning Tips | Spring Pressure Washing

spring pressure washingSpring has officially arrived and it’s time for spring cleaning as well as spring pressure washing. This past winter was harsh and has probably caused quite a bit of damage to your home’s exterior. Between fall’s leaves, winter’s snow and ice, and spring’s pollen, you could probably use some outdoor spring cleaning tips.

  1. Cleaning Up the Siding/Spring Pressure Washing
  2. The siding of your home is what the majority of people notice when they first look at your home, and the primary color of your home is directly influenced by the color and condition of the siding. In rare cases, the siding may need to be replaced, but that’s only necessary if it’s damaged or missing. In other cases, spring pressure washing will do just fine. Spring pressure washing your home is a quick, easy way to bring your home back to life and give it that color that it was lacking.
    A power washer can reach where hoses and sponges just can’t. The power that comes from the tip of the pressure washing hose is around 3000 PSI and can even get those moldy spots underneath the panels that creep out unexpectedly.

  3. Yard Work
  4. We all dread the thought of cleaning up the yard, but just picture the results! Giving your yard that beautiful view back can make all the difference in the world, especially when you have guests over for a cookout. It’s a good idea to trim your trees as well to clear out any spots that may be blocking your view. Clean up the leaves and check for bald spots in your grass. If you find any bald spots (you likely will), then just plant some more grass seeds there and help it grow back. Keeping a healthy yard is one of the most time-consuming and tiresome parts about spring. At least you only have to do this part once a year, though.

  5. Deck Cleaning
  6. Clear off the deck of any furniture and other objects and get ready for a hard scrubbing for some deck cleaning. We recommend not spring pressure washing your deck to preserve its health and keep it in good shape, because spring pressure washing can damage the wood fibers. Instead, grab a brush and some wood cleaner. Once it’s all soaked up and scrubbed down, it’s time for some deck stain. Staining your deck can preserve it for the months or years to come. Deck staining can protect against heavy foot traffic, severe weather conditions, pet scratches, and general wear-and-tear.

  7. Clear out the Gutters
  8. Gutter cleaning oftentimes can be overlooked because we can’t actually see what’s in them. Hop on a ladder and head up there to see what we’re talking about. It can get pretty nasty, but it can also cause damage to your home if not cleared out regularly. The best way to do this is the old fashioned way: rubber gloves and a trash bag. Once you clean the vast majority of debris out of the gutters, the water should wash the rest down. Feel free to test and observe your gutters by spraying the hose up there and see where the water goes.

  9. Clean the Windows
  10. The windows are always there and can get pretty dirty and cloudy if not cleaned regularly, especially during the beginning of spring. Winter moisture builds up around the edges and can even create a mold residue. To make matters worse, pollen stacks up on top of it all in the spring. Always be sure to keep your windows clean and sparkling, just like the rest of your house. Spring pressure washing can make a huge difference.

spring pressure washing


In order to keep your home in top-notch condition, it’s important to keep it maintained. Here’s a quick checklist of the most important things to do:

✓     Clean out the gutters of debris

✓     Spring pressure washing the siding and other exteriors of your home

✓     Scrub and stain your deck

✓     Trim the trees, if possible

✓     Clean up the yard of leaves and other miscellaneous debris

✓     Clean your windows to give them a sleek shine

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How to Remove Graffiti

The main benefit of living in the city is that everything is close, no matter what or who you may need. If you need to go to the store, there is likely a grocery store within 10 minutes from your door. Unfortunately, the city also has many downfalls, which to some are the reason they avoid it. If living in the city was anything close to what people made it out to be, nobody would live there. One of the problems with living in a city is vandalism; more specifically: graffiti. When it happens to you, graffiti removal becomes a challenge.

graffiti removal maryland


Some people view graffiti as art, while others view it as bored teens defacing property. Regardless, the owner of the property is never pleased to find it spray painted on the side of their wall. In some cases the graffiti removal job can be so large that doing it by hand would be more than a hassle: it would be a pain… literally. So if you fall into this category you may be wondering how to conduct graffiti removal to rid your building of the vandalism.

Graffiti Removal – Method 1

Graffiti removal is generally not as simple as grabbing a hose and washcloth and washing it off like it’s a water soluble marker on a whiteboard. Spray paint is meant to be permanent, but permanent is a loose term, especially in the case of graffiti. For proper graffiti removal you need to have some form of power. The first way, and often the most common, is to buy yourself some graffiti remover, which eats away at the paint, making it easier to wash off. Using this method can be tiresome and takes a long time. Most of the time when someone decides to spray your wall, they are not looking to spray this small section of it. No; they want the whole thing! If you’re like me, method one is not the best for graffiti removal.

Graffiti Removal – Method 2

Removing spray paint can be as easy as washing it away. “But I thought scrubbing was not the best way?” It isn’t. Today we are fortunate enough to have graffiti removal services from businesses that revolve around power washing and pressure washing. Power washing the graffiti is the best way to remove the graffiti, and the best way to clean concrete. Not to mention it’s more environmentally friendly than cleaning chemicals. Removing graffiti from concrete with a pressure washer is extremely fast when compared to your alternatives, but comes with its own risks. Pressure washing can cause you injuries if used improperly, which is why it’s best left to the professionals. After all, they do it for a living!

graffiti removal services spray paint

Graffiti Removal Services

Whether you are a business owner, resident, or property manager, if you live in a city, you will most likely have to deal with this unfortunate circumstance at some point in your life. Removing graffiti can be a tedious chore, or a minor inconvenience, depending on your method of removal.

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Curb Appeal Ideas – Cleaning Exterior

Curb Appeal Ideas – Cleaning Exterior

Use these curb appeal ideas from Carlton Cleans to keep your house looking its best. Cleaning the exterior of your home is important because it adds to your curb appeal.

curb appeal ideas

Exterior Cleanliness

How often do you look at the exterior of a house and think, “that is one old home”? If the home exterior is not inviting, nobody will even consider looking at what you have inside, which could be where you plan to make your positive impression. A cleaner home is a healthier home, and everyone is trying to go green now. Over time your home receives buildup of mold, mildew, dirt, and grime. Each of these results in a much less attractive and less healthy home.

Exterior Home Cleaning – What’s Available?

After you have decided to use our curb appeal ideas and decide that your home needs to be cleaned, how do you clean your house’s exterior? Most people assume a hose will do the job. There are ways to do the entire exterior of a house with a hose, but it requires scrubbing and much more physical labor than you need. Also, scrubbing a house can only reach so much of the exterior. For those of you with plants and vegetation around your home, keep in mind that the cleaning chemicals used can affect them. Some of the buildup can get in deep crevices, especially on older houses. These can only be reached by a power washer or pressure washer.

Curb Appeal Ideas

The best of curb appeal ideas is to clean your house’s exterior by power washing it. A good power wash can get in the deep crevices on some surfaces that you can’t reach with other methods. Pressure washing is perfect for cleaning brick, stone, vinyl, and other materials. As opposed to methods such as a hose with scrubbing, pressure washing can take significantly less time. Pressure washing houses restores them to looking like new again.

Focus on the Outside

If you’re considering selling your home, or just having some guests over, it will be of high value for you to use our curb appeal ideas and pretty-up the exterior of your house. Most people tend to ignore the outside of the house and just focus on the inside of the house. Cleaning the inside is important, but let’s be honest here: we see the outside before we even step foot on the inside.

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Finally, it is a good idea to hire a professional to clean your home’s exterior. This is mostly because pressure washing can cause severe damage to your home and, more importantly, you if done improperly.

How to Clean Brick

How to Clean Brick

How to clean brick? Can brick be pressure washed?” Many homeowners of brick homes ask these questions. Brick can be pressure washed, however, great care is needed when cleaning brick. Brick requires a bit more care and attention than your traditional vinyl siding.
how to clean brick

Brick’s Greatest Downfall

Over time brick, as with all building materials, degrades and becomes dirty with mold, mildew, and moss. Brick is commonly ignored when cleaning the exterior of homes because of its greatest downfall: degradation. The mortar holding the bricks together can crack. The bricks can also become cracked. Generally, brick holds up strong for a lifetime.

As brick ages, it becomes more fragile. You can visibly tell the difference between a new and clean brick wall versus an old and dirty wall. The color fades and it becomes vulnerable to damage from high pressure power washers.

How to Clean Brick: The Carlton Way

When Carlton Cleans cleans brick and mortar homes, we make sure the brick has no cracks in the mortar. Before power washing can begin any cracks must be patched. We keep a good distance between us and the home and we do not use high pressure when power washing.


Unlike most surfaces, brick requires a detergent to do all of the heavy lifting. A power washer will remove everything from the surface; however, it will also enlarge cracks and chip pieces out of the brick. How to clean brick the correct way is to use a lower pressure to prevent cracks and chips. Using lower pressure unfortunately means less power while cleaning. Detergents break up the grime and dirt enough to remove it with a quick, low pressure power wash.

How to Clean Brick: The Carlton Way

We use a strong detergent that’s specifically designed to clean bricks. A professional power washing company will know what detergent is needed to clean your home.

Brick is Resilient, Even When Cleaning

Power washing is an effective way to clean, but with bricks lower pressure can leave behind some resilient dirt spots that refuse to come off. After a thorough cleaning, bricks tend to have heavy dirt spots that don’t come off easily. A good scrubbing with some extra detergent may be necessary.

How to Clean Brick: The Carlton Way

Once the brick is cleaned, we examine the whole surface to ensure it’s as clean as it can get. If there’s a spot that doesn’t quite match the rest of the wall, we’ll scrub it off. Extra detergent may be necessary to eat away at the dirt and grime.

Final Stages: Protecting the Brick

how to clean brick

Once washing is finished the brick should be nice and clean. It’s now time to protect the brick from future damages. There are 2 stages to protecting your brick that you should take note of:

  1. Use a sealer. A brick sealant can save your bricks and mortar from cracking in the future. This will remove the step of patching cracks next time you have to clena.
  2. Future cleanings. The best way to maintain your bricks natural beauty is to have a professional evaluate and clean your bricks. It’s easy for us to say “It’s brick…It’ll hold up.” Brick is just as vulnerable as vinyl siding. Power wash brick whenever it starts looking dirty. A buildup of mold can lead to future deterioration. It is best to clean mold before it causes problems.

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How to Choose a Pressure Washer | Pressure Washing Company

Summer is quickly approaching and I think we are all ready for a break from the cold weather! Summertime is a time for family and friends to get together, have fun, and hang around outside. Many people tend to have cookouts on Saturday or Sunday afternoon, which requires a lot of preparations. Cleaning up beforehand is usually one of the longest parts because the house still needs to be cleaned as well, even though it’s not indoors (I hope). If you think you’ll be someone who will host a cookout this summer, then you should be considering cleaning the exterior of your home.

The first thought in your mind will be a hose, and hopefully the next thought will be a pressure washer. Now pressure washing is, as with most home improvements, possible to do yourself…but it’s not recommended. Pressure washers can be dangerous if used improperly, and will produce the best results if done by a professional. If you want to show your house off (or impress the step-parents!), make sure your house looks it’s best in time for your barbecue. So, you want to pressure wash your house, but now you want to know how to choose a pressure washer. There are 3 main factors to look for:

  1. Quality of Their Work
  2. A good pressure washing company has a website that shows their past work in some form of a gallery or blog. Check this page for some evidence of them. It’s likely that if they do not have something like this on their site, they don’t want you to know. Look for signs of dirt, mold, mildew, and any other form of grime you can find. Green and brown are common colors, but it’s easy to tell what the color of the house is supposed to be, so find any marks that stand out. On top of quality is speed of the company. In general, a pressure washing company can be somewhat similar in speed to each other, but if they are done too fast, they likely did a poor-quality job. Quality is extremely important in your quest for the perfect power washer, followed by what everyone always checks for: the cost.

    pressure washing company

  3. Cost of the Pressure Washing
  4. As always, set a budget and stick to it. Call up a pressure washing company or two, compare their prices and find out which one looks best to you. Keep in mind that if the price is too good to be true, it is. If a company charges what you consider to be too much, see if they do more than just pressure washing. For example, they may charge a decent price for power washing the siding, but offer a full-service gutter and siding cleaning for double that of another company that would do both the gutter and siding separately.

  5. Reputation of the Pressure Washing Company
  6. When you windle your choices down to a pressure washing company or two, it’s time to do some real research. Check out the pressure washing company and their reputation on Google and find some reviews. Make sure the reviews you’re reading are real people. If the first review on the page is 5 stars, all around perfect review but the other 8 are 1 or 2 stars, then the first review was likely a fake. Just try to keep an eye out and see if the company lives up to what they claim to be. Make sure you check more than one review site to get a more rounded view.

Sometimes figuring out the seating arrangements, who is invited, and how to choose a pressure washer can seem daunting, but choosing a pressure washer is painless. After you’ve chosen a pressure washing company, you’re ready to figure out the menu without worrying about your house and deck’s cleanliness!

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Components of Residential Curb Appeal Enhancement Offered by Carlton Cleans, LLC

Curb Appeal Tips for your Residental Property

Interested in adding curb appeal to your residential property?  Adding curb appeal has never been easier.  Just follow our curb appeal tips below to increase the value of your property and leave your home looking great!

curb appeal tips

Roof Cleaning:

A low water pressure method of cleaning organic stains from the roof for increased curb appeal. This is especially valuable before listing the house for sale. In Montgomery County, MD it is common to see stains and streaks on the roof. In Silver Spring, for example, there are many wooded areas which in combination with warm wet weather mold, algae and fungus thrive. We provide a chemical cleaning with little run off to remove the organics. We also bag the downspouts and capture any runoff during the cleaning. However, this is minimized by our low-pressure application equipment which allows Carlton Cleans, LLC to apply the cleaning mix to the roof in low volume to kill the organics.

Adding Curb Appeal

Exterior House Wash:

Our exterior house washing service is an application of our house cleaning mix, dwell and rinse with hot water. We provide cleaning of siding, brick and composite siding; We do not use the pressure washer close to the surface of the house. We apply the hot water far enough from the house to “shower the surface” after the cleaning mix has pulled the dirt from the surface. The cleaning is performed by the cleaning mix and volume of water verses pressure. We provide an effective cleaning method without causing damage to the surface.

If you are having your house painted than a house wash is a must service for better paint adhesion and longevity. Many painting companies will offer a house wash service before painting. However, they often do not provide a quality service due to lack of experience and proper equipment. House washing is a necessary evil to the painting companies, and they rarely invest the necessary resources to the task.

Gutter Cleaning:

Gutters typically need to be cleaned inside and out to maintain good water flow and keep the typical white gutters from turning black. The black marks on the exterior of the gutters are from air pollution, tree dirt and roof runoff. The black marks are oxidized into the surface and can only be cleaned by hand with specific cleaners for the task because of oxidization layer has to be broken. The cleaners are strong, and ladders are needed to access the gutters. We do not recommend homeowners try to clean their own gutters.

adding curb appeal with clean sidewalk

Driveway and Sidewalks:

We offer a chemical low-pressure cleaning and high-pressure cleaning depending on the situation and state of the surface. Hot water is used in the cleaning.

Adding curb appeal has never been easier. If you are interested in any of our curb appeal tips, please contact us today!

Deck Refinishing Process

restore a deck deck refinishing

Pressure Washing and Power Washing

As part of the deck refinishing process, Carlton Cleans recommends removing dirt, mold, algae, and fungus from your decks surface.  Pressure washing and power washing have been the primary method of cleaning decks for many years.  Over time, professionals that specialize in deck refinishing projects, have begun to add cleaning chemicals to the deck cleaning process. Adding chemicals to the cleaning process allowed for the use of low water pressure rinsing resulting in less overall wood fiber damage.

Deck Refinishing

At Carlton Cleans we changed the deck cleaning process by removing the use of the high power pressure washer.  Instead, Carlton Cleans uses hand scrubbing and a low-pressure chemical sprayer.  Although more time consuming than high power pressure washing, hand scrubbing is gentle on the wood and prevents unnecessary wood fiber damage.

Additionally, Carlton Cleans uses a lower ratio chemical agent than many other companies.  Our lower chemical ratio is better for the environment yet still effective because of the hand scrubbing process.

What to Expect During Our Deck Cleaning Process

Step 1: Application of cleaning agents

To prevent the cleaner from drying too fast, deck refinishing specialists generally wet the deck prior to the application of the cleaning agents. After a quick wetting of the surfaces, the cleaning chemicals are applied in an even layer.

Step 2: Dwell Time

After the cleaning chemical application, a short but crucial dwell time is needed.

Step 3: Rinse

Once cleaning chemicals have been applied and dwell time is complete your deck must be thoroughly rinsed.

Step 4: Balance pH

The deck cleaning process is then finalized by spraying the deck with a wood brightener to balance the pH for deck refinishing preparation. 

Step 5: Deck Staining

Once your deck has been thoroughly cleaned you will be ready for the next deck refinishing phase.

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