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Water will always flow down the path that provides the least resistant. This always means downhill and can sometimes mean directly into your yard or basement. To prevent water damage to your property and rid yourself of a soggy yard consider a french drain installation today.

French Drain Installation for Excess Moisture

Like a gutter collects water as it runs off the roof, french drains help remove water at ground level. Certain low spots on your property can pool water after a rainstorm or from snow-melt causing a muddy mess. Not only are pools of water around your home unappealing, but it can also cause damage to your grass, plants and become a breeding ground for mosquitoes.
Installing a French drain can also be an excellent solution for basements that admit water. Water against the foundation of your home can cause excess pressure on your foundation leading to gradual leaks. These slow, but steady, leaks can eventually lead to an unstable and cracking foundation creating significant issues for your home and leaving you with expensive foundation repair fees.

French drain installation might be necessary if you experience any of the following:

  • A soggy lawn
  • A driveway that washes out
  • Basement flooding
  • A cracked foundation
  • And during the construction of a retaining wall

With a french drain installation, Carlton Cleans is creating an accessible channel for water to flow reducing the amount of water around your home. The idea behind a french drain installation is relatively simple. A somewhat sloped trench is dug out and filled with crushed or round gravel. After the gravel is placed, a pipe will be positioned into the trench. This pipe will be used for diverting water away from your property and into a drainage ditch, street or another low-lying area around your property.

Pipes for French Drain Installation

Two types of piping can be used for french drains.

  • PVC: This refers to polyvinyl chloride. PVC is a rigid white plastic pipe most commonly used for drainage and plumbing. PVC is known for its long lifespan. Additionally, PVC pipes can be unclogged with a plumbing snake or with water pressure.
  • Flexible Pipe: Is made of a flexible material that is easy to work with and is more cost effective. However, it may not last as long as the PCV option.

For French Drain Installation Contact Carlton Cleans Today

Do you have foundation crack because of excess moisture? Does your basement have water damage? Or is your yard constantly soggy? If so, contact Carlton Cleans today to discuss the benefits of installing a french drain for your property.

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