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flagstone repairFlagstone is a popular decoration choice for both businesses and homes and is most commonly used for paving surfaces, such as a patio or walkway. It is very durable and long-lasting. It is found in both large slabs (mostly for outdoor decoration) and floor tiles. It comes in a wide variety of colors, from red to blue to a yellowish brown. It is installed with a binding agent, which usually involves mortar, cement, or another compound.

Common Flagstone Repairs

Minor repairs include professional cleanings, polishing, stripping inadequate topcoats, and honing. More serious problems might include heaving due to freezing and thawing, loose stones or tiles, and cracks in either stones or mortar joints. Professional solutions include removing loose stones and old cement.

Flagstone Repair Techniques

Cracks are widened so that they can be coated with adhesive agents and filled in with a mix of mortar and bonding agents. Steel reinforcements may be added along areas with cracks. Loose stones typically occur when there is a deep, thick mortar bed and thin flagstones. This can be addressed by installing thicker stones and a shallow mortar bed. The mortar mix used usually includes bonding agents and sometimes fiber additives, which make the mortar stronger.

Flagstone Installation

Installing flagstones with these thicker stones and shallow mortar beds is more expensive, takes longer, and involves more work, but it will last longer than a few years and require fewer repairs.

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