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Pressure Washing Services – Using Low Pressure

Pressure Washing Services – Using Low Pressure

Low Pressure Washing

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One of the common misconceptions with the pressure washing services industry is that using high pressure power washers is best. Many homeowners believe it’s a good idea to power wash your home yourself. Unfortunately, doing so may cause more harm than good. You will likely remove all of the dirt and grime, but you’re also likely to remove some of the siding and paint. Homes naturally get moldy and dirty over time, but a good pressure wash should remove any and all stains on your home. When dealing with homes, it’s always best to use low pressure power washers, but why?

Less Damage

The most important factor of all is that low pressure washing causes significantly less damage. In fact, a professional should be able to finish up your entire home with no damage to the siding, paint, concrete, or wood anywhere on your home. When power washing with a high pressure power washer, you risk pulling the siding right off the home. Any paint and protectants you had on your siding will soon be removed or significantly (and noticeably) damaged.

High pressure power washers can cause other damages, such as:

  • Holes
  • Dents
  • Gashes

Damaging your vinyl siding could result in the need for replacement entirely, which is significantly more costly than a cleaning.

More Protection

Your home is exposed to the elements year-round and over time they will start eating away at your home, causing long-term damage. Most commonly, homes have mold and mildew buildups in their siding. This mold can cause damage to your home and even your health. A low pressure washer can get mold out of the smallest spaces without causing damage. This can improve the health and, in turn, the lifespan of your home.


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Just like when you clean your car, your home will seem brand new from the outside after a thorough cleaning. When the exterior of your home looks dirty and worn, it gives the implication that the inside is the same way. Making an impression is as simple as your appearance, and this extends all the way to your home’s exterior.

Improved Property Value

Following up with the appearance, more buyers are likely to look at your house if it is sparkly clean. It gives the impression that you take good care of your home and that can go a long way in the eyes of a buyer. More buyers can mean a higher selling price. Also, when you have you property refinanced, it’s important to keep your home in the best condition possible. Doing so will get the most out of your refinancing. Keep in mind that mold build-ups are a health hazard. Banks and inspectors will take note of this.

Energy Savings

Believe it or not, low pressure power washing can even save you money on your energy bills. Darker surfaces attract more sunlight, causing that surface to heat up. When homes are painted – especially siding – they are painted a light color to counteract this heat attraction. A surface covered in mold, mildew, and general dirt is darker. The entire exterior of your home is vulnerable to this darkening.

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Roof Cleaning

Another primary way that you can save energy (and money) is to keep your roof clean. If your roof has shingles and has never been power washed before, just imagine the mold that’s eating away at your shingles. Eventually, the shingles will be too weak to hold on. The mold will actually push the shingles up and wind from a rainstorm will easily tear them away. Without roof shingles, your home is vulnerable to the sun’s heat.

Pressure Washing Services – Carlton Cleans

Low pressure power washing provides numerous benefits to your home, such as:

  • Energy savings
  • Protection from mold
  • A cleaner appearance
  • Higher property value
  • Protection from high pressure damages

If you’re in the Maryland area and are in need of pressure washing services, contact us today and see how we can improve your home.

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