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Patio cleaning, patio restorationOvertime patios can become dirty, dull, uneven and require updating to maintain not only its integrity but also its appearance, making them unattractive and unsightly. Old patios can also become dangerous, causing accidents and toppled grills and equipment. Just as you typically vacuum your carpet and dust your furniture, it is essential to keep your patio clean and in excellent condition. Carlton Cleans is here to assist you with all your patio cleaning, patio restoration, and patio sealant needs. Visit our before and after gallery for examples of Carlton Cleans work.

There are various methods to restore old, uneven patios. Concrete patios can be lifted, but their foundations should be stabilized at the same time. This will prevent future damage and accidents. Brick patios can suffer from several problems, including wavy or sunken surfaces, low areas, rising bricks or edges, loose bricks, and edges that sink into the ground. The most common cause of these issues is a problem with the base – it could be poorly compacted, made of an inadequate material, eroded, or installed improperly.

To restore a brick patio, the bricks will most likely need to be removed and replacements made. However, the same materials can usually be used, so repairs are more affordable than installing a brand-new patio. The repairs required will vary on the issue being addressed and could include minor removals, re-lay of infills, and complete removal and replacement. Professionals will inspect the problem and develop a solution that will match your bricks and utilize the proper materials.

When it comes to patio restoration, Carlton Cleans typically takes an approach that depends on the type of patio material and/or current condition of the patio.

Wooden Patio Restoration

how to stain a deck

Wooden Patio Cleaning

Before patio restoration or the patio sealant phase can be completed Carlton Cleans must do a thorough patio cleaning. Carlton Cleans will clean your patio by pressure washing away any mildew, mold, or algae that have built up over the years. Generally, Carlton Cleans recommends that patio cleanings be performed yearly to ensure your patio looks its best year around. In some cases, a simple patio cleaning may make your patio look as good as new preventing the need for further patio restoration work.

Wooden Patio Restoration

Once your patio cleaning has been completed Carlton Cleans will then begin your patio restoration work. A patio restoration project is a great way to get a brand new looking patio without the actual cost of a brand-new patio. From regular use, and from being outside, patios can become faded, weathered and damage. During your patio restoration project, Carlton Cleans will sand your patio and fix any broken or damaged components prepping for the patio clear sealant phase.

Wooden Patio Clear Sealant

When it comes to keeping your patio durable and long lasting, Carlton Cleans recommends a patio clear sealant or similar.

Concrete & Brick Patio Restoration

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Concrete & Brick Patio Cleaning

As with wood patios, concrete or brick patio restoration projects also require the patio cleaning to be completed first. Power washing the concrete or brick material will thoroughly remove all dirt and grime build up from your patio ensuring the patio clear sealant is strong.

Concrete & Brick Patio Clear Sealant

For brick patios to be sealed, Carlton Cleans recommends filling gaps with fine grade sand to fill in any crevices. After your concrete or brick patio has been cleaned, gaps filled, and thoroughly dried Carlton Cleans will finish your patio restoration project with a patio clear sealant or similar explicitly designed for concrete or brick patios. It is important to note, that no matter which type of patio you own it is best to ensure the surface is completing dry prior to applying the clear sealant.

As with any home improvement project timing is everything. Carlton Cleans recommends starting your patio cleaning, patio restoration or patio sealant project when temperatures are warm, dry and humidity is low to ensure the quickest dry time.

You may be wondering just why a full patio cleaning, patio restoration, and patio sealant project is completely necessary. As with any exterior surface, that is exposed to weather and use there will be deterioration and discoloration that will occur. By regularly and adequately maintaining your patio you will minimize the damage done, increase curb appeal, and retain your properties overall value.

Patio Clear Sealant Provides:

  • Protection against oil and stains
  • Reduces discoloration caused by weathering, UV rays, and salt
  • Makes surface easier to clean
  • Reduces mildew, mold and algae growth, therefore, increasing safety and reducing slippery surfaces

Patio Polymeric Sand

Polymeric sand is a mix of polymer additives and fine sand. It is mostly used in walkways, driveways and patios. This durable sand binds to the matrix inside paver joints to help prevent and hills and weeds and grass from growing. The polymeric sand also prevents rain and water washout from occuring. Polymeric sand is perfect for Maryland weather as the sand is stable and durable enough under heavy rains yet flexible enough to prevent cracks that typically appear from freezing and thawing.

Patio Polymeric Sanding Installation

Polymeric sand requires a specific method of installation and should always be done by a professional. The Maryland Weather conditions should be checked prior to installation as the sand cannot be installed on rainy or below freezing days. The sand will be poured evenly across your patio and swept into joints and corners. A small amount of water is applied to the surface of the sand to activate the sand’s polymers.

Polymeric Sanding Maintenance

Typically, once polymeric sand is applied to a patio it will be permanent and there will be little maintenance involved.

Flagstone Patio Repair

Minor repairs to flagstone paties include professional polishing, cleaning honing, and stripping inadequate topcoats. Freezing and thawing may have caused more more serious problems such as loose stones or tiles, and cracks in either stones or mortar joints. To repair a flagstone patio cracks are widened for application of adhesive agents and then filled in with a mix of bonding and mortar agents. In some cases, steel reinforcements may be applied.

Concrete Patio Waterproofing

Waterproofing a concrete patio is important to protect a concrete patio from wear and damage caused by the elemednts. Waterproofing a patio is a task that requires regular maintenance. For best results it’s best left to a professional.

Waterproofing your concrete patio will help prevent efflorescence (caused by crystalline salts left behind), corrosion, spalling (caused by small bits of material that break off), and damage from Marlyand’s cold winders (iuncluding freezing and thawing). Avoid these issues by sealing the concrete and performing waterproofing. Increased the durability and extend the lifetime of the patio.

Patio Restoration Gallery: Before and After

Brick Patio Restoration Before After
flagstone patio repair before after

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