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How to Wash a House?

How to wash a house?

Does your house look mucky? Is your house covered in moss or mold? You could need a professional cleaning that makes your house shiny and clean. Many people ask the question of how to wash a house? House washing is an activity that seems like a perfect DIY project. However, strangely enough, this is one project that is best left to professionals. Why you may ask? First and foremost it’s quicker. In general, a professional has the experience to wash a house quickly and efficiently, letting you get back to your daily routine.In addition, a professional’s machines are better quality because of their capabilities. The main thing these machines can do versus the average consumer’s power washer is that they are capable of cleaning the whole house without the need for repair. Professional’s machines are also more powerful; their PSI ranges from the average consumer’s power (1000-4000 max) to 7000 PSI. In other words, the engines are the best you’ll find in a power washer.

Also, power washing your house alone is dangerous enough, but when you have to get up high, you can get yourself into some strange positions. The last thing you want is an injury.

A professional will look at the material of the house being cleaned. Is it a brick house, plastic siding, or maybe purely wood siding? Here are some key points of cleaning each of these materials.

Brick siding

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Some things to keep in mind when washing a house siding made of bricks are:

  • Power washing must be handled with care.
  • Brick requires detergents.
  • Washing bricks improperly can leave behind residual dirt and grime.

Read more about power washing bricks by clicking the link above.

Plastic/Vinyl Siding

Key points to help you when washing a house with plastic or Vinyl Siding:

  • Make sure the plastic or Vinyl is in good condition.
  • Use soap concentrate.
  • Do not use high pressure.

Make sure you remember that high pressure on even the best condition plastic or Vinyl could cause damage! Using low pressure and being careful are two necessities of washing plastic or Vinyl.

Wooden Siding

Moreover wooden siding or any kind of wood has a few special requirements.

  • Never power wash a deck with high pressure.
  • Oxygenated cleaners are the best cleaners for older woods.
  • Scrubbing wood always gets you that extra clean look you’re looking for.

Please make sure you consult a professional if you are unsure of the procedures to use when washing your house. Moreover keep your house clean and choose a professional pressure washer. Contact Carlton Cleans today for Maryland house washing services at 301-906-4446 or fill out our contact form.

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