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elastomeric coatingAn elastomeric coating is a specialized coating for above-grade exterior walls and roofs. It is primarily used to waterproof a structure. It is 10 times thicker than paint, yet flexible enough to move with the building, preventing cracks and damage. It was originally designed for protecting stucco surfaces, which tend to crack easily. It also does well on concrete and masonry surfaces and is now used on a variety of other surfaces as well. It is applied in liquid form but hardens and bonds with the structure as it dries.

Elastomeric Coating Benefits

Chemicals and mildew preventative form the bulk of an elastomeric coating’s composition. It can be tinted many different colors to match the building and retains this color for a long time. In addition to waterproofing the building, it offers many other benefits. It can bridge small cracks and form an airtight seal to protect the building from future damage and wear. It helps the aesthetics of the building by keeping it looking strong and vibrant. It is very durable, allowing the exterior of the building to last longer without needing repairs. It even helps improve the energy efficiency of a building. The heat and UV-resistance keeps the building from absorbing too much heat, keeping your energy costs down.

An elastomeric coating is ideal for nearly any type of building, but it is especially beneficial for those in regions that experience damaging storms and extreme weather conditions. The coating will protect a building from damage caused by any Maryland high winds, rain, sleet, snow, ice, extreme heat, and freezing temperatures. On top of all these benefits, it is also quite affordable when compared to other solutions.

Applying Elastomeric Coating

Please note that applying an elastomeric coating is not a DIY project – it requires a specialized process and certain safety precautions. For this reason, it should always be applied with a professional with the knowledge, expertise, and equipment to do so.

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