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5 Benefits of Low Pressure Washing

November 26, 2018 | ,

A huge mistake that is common within pressure washing is that using a high pressure is the most beneficial to get the job done. Some homeowners will also try to pressure wash their home themselves. Without the proper idea of how pressure washing works when comparing high and low pressure washers, you can cause a lot of unwanted damage to your home. High pressure washers have the risk of removing siding and paint of the house. When thinking about pressure washing your home, it is always the better option to use low pressure washers, but what are the benefits of low pressure washing? The 5 benefits of low pressure washing include energy savings, more protection from mold, better appearance, higher property value, and protection from high pressure damage.
benefits of low pressure washing

Benefits of Low Pressure Washing

1. Lowered Risk of Damage

The single most important benefit of low pressure washing is lowering the risk of causing damage to your home. Professionals at Carlton Cleans will be able to pressure wash your home with no damage to the siding, paint, or anywhere on your home. Low pressure washers give you much less of a risk that high pressure washers give you when it comes to taking siding right off of your home.

2. More Protection From Mold

When your home is exposed to certain elements all year, you have the possibility of mold and mildew buildup in the house siding. One of the benefits low pressure washing is that it can get mold out of small places without causing any damage which in turn, will increase the lifespan of your home.

3. Appearance

The very simple fact is that when you choose to pressure wash your home with a low pressure washer you will clean off the exterior of your home with no damage with makes the appearance better. With a high pressure washer, you might clean the home but damage could affect the appearance of the exterior.

4. Energy Savings

It might not be drastic, but low pressure washers will save you money on your energy bills. When homes buildup mold and mildew, your home becomes perceptible to the darkened surfaces that attract more sunlight causing the surface to heat up.

5. Property Value

Similarly to what we talked about with your home having a more pleasing appearance, if your house has a better appearance then more people will be willing to buy your home which in turn, can mean an increase in property value.

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